Special Projects

Especially in the later years of my professional life, interesting challenges and opportunities come my way. Some examples:

  • Serving as a consulting expert on behalf of a CFP® practitioner in litigation in the D.C. Circuit Court against the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards.
  • Performing legal (or paralegal) work for other lawyers and law firms. In one recent case, I assisted Plaintiff’s counsel in reviewing a portion of approximately 275,000 documents (about 600,000 pages) produced during discovery. These documents were uploaded to a database “in the cloud” [using the Ricoh Relativity Database System].
  • Serving as the attorney (volunteer) member of a Maine Medical Malpractice Screening Panel, reviewing voluminous depositions and hearing two days of testimony about medical-legal issues.
  • Writing and public speaking engagements on financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, or mediation/ADR topics.
  • Serving as a member of the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar Transitioning Lawyers Council, which considered ways to assist newer lawyers in engaging in private law practice in under-served  areas of Maine, and to assist older lawyers in transitioning or closing their practices.
  • Serving on a variety of boards and committees — some volunteer, some paid.
  • Finally, although I am technically an “active” member of the Maine Bar, I am not actively practicing law. Nonetheless, being legally-trained enables me to understand and appreciate the legal context in which many issues arise.

If you have an interesting project with which I might be able to help, I’d welcome the chance to talk with you. 

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